The Ultimate Quest

12 months elite

Twelve months allows us to conspire in the realms of unlimited possibility. Put your wildest dreams on the table.

Let’s fire up your entrepreneurial spirit, rejuvenate your body, enliven your relationships (partner, friends and collaborators), take your prosperity to the next level and carve out a lifestyle of invigorating freedom. With this kind of commitment to your personal journey we can work solidly through all the levels of the Architecture of Magnificence to secure the emergence of your most enlightened self.

Step up to being superhuman.

This elite intensive will be custom built to suit each individual, inclusive of regular retreats in person (either in Byron Bay or internationally), supported by ongoing Skype sessions and email/phone contact.

There are only 4-5 places open at any one time for these elite annual positions.

Your Investment

Twelve Months

$300,000 +

(Bespoke price determined individually for optimal outcomes)
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