The Life Changing Therapy of Icecream in the Morning

At the beginning of this year, I began adhering to a very precise dietary protocol, prescribed via detailed kinesiology testing. I’m currently on the 17th iteration. It’s not always what you’d expect.

On Monday I followed the rules of my new protocol and had ice-cream before lunch.

Two scoops in a cup.

Chocolate and caramel, I think it was. Actually, I’m not completely sure because ice-cream has begun to feature more and more often in my strict eating plan and my memory for the correct flavour is now blurred by the choc mint and honeycomb that I had earlier today!

For a long stretch, these strict dietary protocols made much more rational sense – at the beginning it was pretty much vegan with a big emphasis on leafy greens. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was gloriously pristine. No sugar whatsoever! But it’s been evolving a lot in unexpected ways.

I’d been pretty much off eggs and tofu for years but I’ve been directed to incorporate them reasonably regularly. I was rarely eating fish but for a couple of weeks I was guided to eat it every day. I’d never really been a fan of honey but now that’s a mainstay. Pumpkin seeds also.

This regime isn’t a ‘diet’ as such, but more a very deliberate practice with food to awaken my deepest self. The intention is to invite the pure essence of my soul’s expression, unencumbered by toxins, addictions, physical injuries, emotional eating patterns etc. You could say it’s a diet to support a spiritual awakening. It caters not just to the needs of the body, but more centrally to what’s required to heal the mind and emotions. It helps break rigid beliefs, surfaces buried emotional wounds and evokes a new spaciousness for the majestic truth of the soul to predominate instead.

I’ve been using kinesiology to establish these food protocols for many people and they can be vastly different according to each person’s deeper needs. One woman was delighted to be directed to eat nothing but fruit for 7 weeks. Another, who’d struggled with eating disorders as a teenager, had to have regular treat meals every Sunday to practice surrendering fully to the joyous normality of getting pleasure from delicious food. Another had to stop drinking the bone broth that she presumed was great for her because it was actually triggering a negative emotional reaction in her body (from all the times she was forced to eat meat as a child).

These plans are built to holistically bring the body and soul both vibrantly alive in cohesive union.

At the beginning for me, there was a lot of emphasis on eating at regular meal times and supplementing in between with pea protein shakes. Rhythm and stability.

I felt a new depth of relaxation and trust emerging in my physicality as I became consistently attentive to my body’s need for regular sustenance. Over the years I’d become attached to a lot of denial and restraint as a seemingly effective formula for transforming my body. I’ve done some very long fasts and applied my will power in other ways that have resulted in me losing weight. I’ve favoured using my determination to force my body in a particular direction rather than treating it with loving care. Mind against body. Now I was assisting the two to become allies instead. A radical turnaround. And a wonderful relief.

One of the things I’ve discovered in the process is that the more healed and balanced my body has become, the more it begins to draw on the emotional/energetic/spiritual qualities of the food rather than purely the physical components.

The emotional theme that’s emerged for me in this current protocol is around pleasure. I’ve been guided to foods that will help stretch me to have a deeper experience and belief in the possibility of rich and pleasurable satisfaction in many areas of life. This round is testing me to surrender to that and it’s surfacing all sorts of the beliefs that run counter to it.

And so to the magical nourishing properties of ice-cream. It’s simultaneously engaging the pleasure and challenging my mind.

For my rational self likes to think, of course, that ice-cream is unhealthy, fattening and only for occasional indulgence. And yet icecream brings so much joy. It has a celebratory feel to it. It has summery associations. It can evoke memories of childhood sweetness. It has pleasure and satisfaction written all over it.

All of these positive feelings can be truly nourishing. They are food for our deeper self beyond the physical. Soul food. And the power of feeding our deeper wellbeing should not be underestimated. In fact, nothing can really be more effective for bringing about lasting transformation than tending to our deeper emotional terrain.

The orientation of this eating protocol isn’t focused on weight loss. It’s much more holistic than that. But essentially, if it’s followed to the very end then the natural result will absolutely be the perfect body. Because when all of distorted beliefs and emotionality is gone, our bodies will naturally find their optimal expression.

Joyfulness and positivity is actually a potent way to awaken the true genetic potential of our bodies. Alignment with love activates the highest expression of our DNA.

Emotional wounds keep us from it.

Negative emotions disturb the psyche, push us towards addictions and cause us to sabotage ourselves. Old emotional hurts can cause us to fight with our body and hurt it physically. We might punish it by eating too much or starve it with too little. We might tax it with too much exercise or neglect it with slothfulness. We might be obsessively controlling with every morsel or completely careless. Our physical relationship with our self is essentially driven by our emotionality. Catering directly to emotional healing can radically change the physical process of metabolism.

People assume that weight loss should always be directly proportional to the reduction in calories. But it isn’t. It’s not a foolproof mathematical formula by any means. Emotions have enormous pulling power. In both directions. Negative emotions can trap the body in a stalemate with obesity despite the very best diet and exercise efforts. And an experience of deep emotional healing can facilitate significant weight loss almost overnight.

For some, their weight loss journey does follow a predictable logic that can be calculated according to food consumed and energy expended. But for many, it doesn’t. Emotions are the spanner in the works.

The way we feel about food matters and the way we feel about ourselves matters. Sometimes our feelings actually matter much more than what we eat.

So here I am at this point in the journey where icecream has emerged as a kind of super food. An elixir of liberation. My body has experienced several months of having it’s needs for physical nourishment being fully met and now, as a result of that, in keeping with Maslow’s hierarchy, it’s being encouraged to reach beyond physical security, for the spiritual essence available in each eating experience. I’m coaxing my spirit to draw upon the soulful nourishment of the joy that icecream offers. The childlike satisfaction, the revelry in simple pleasures, the delight of special treats. I’m being forced to embrace all the positive emotionality associated. The icecream is helping to bring those feelings much more alive in my body. It’s helping me to acclimatise to more pleasure. It’s an opportunity to rewire my pleasure threshold – that unconscious mechanism that determines arbitrary and unhelpful rules around all sorts of things that feel good.

As I comply, it helps to dismantle the stronghold that my mind has around controlling and restricting pleasure opportunities. I’m being guided to press the pleasure of icecream into places where my mind has normally resisted it.

And thus the perfection of this task to force my mind to entertain new realities by eating icecream at 11am.

I’m experiencing this pleasure at an unusual time. This helps to hack into my unconscious to change the settings on my pleasure thermostat. By eating celebratory food at unpredictable times I’m insisting that my tolerance for joyous experiences is raised and extended. Where there was denial and resistance there will now be joy.

My mind is captivated by the possibilities on the one hand, but simultaneously presents strong arguments. I’m proceeding despite it.

Because if I inquire of my higher, wiser self, I don’t actually think it’s true that yummy foods should make us unhappy with our bodies. I think it’s a false belief (that’s been very heavily indoctrinated into our collective consciousness). I think it’s symptomatic of our resistance to lives of delirious joy.

Our happiness and the mood in which we eat, ultimately holds much more sway over our health than what we actually ingest. Look at all those studies of people who live unusually long and so often it’s the loving community feeling of connection that trumps the effect of whatever foods are consumed.

Once certain basics are in place, it’s how we feel about things that ultimately determines the course of our health and wellbeing.

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