The Architecture of Magnificence

Part 1 – Questionnaire

A life of magnificence looks impressive from the outside but more importantly, it feels incredible from the inside.  Which elements are already alive for you and which ones need awakening? Take the free questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Part 2 – Discovery Session

Okay so the questionnaire results have given you a map of the territory. Let’s dig into this together to establish the exact priorities so that your action plan is crystal clear. We’ll discuss your goals and I’ll propose a session plan for optimal activation.

Part 3 – Choose Your Own Adventure

Select from the following options or inquire about an individually tailored program.

The Embodied Soul               A program of 7 or 10 distance sessions

Wish you still had the vitality of your 8 year old self? The energy, the innocence, the freedom? The endless feeling of possibility?

The reality of that spirited optimism is still alive inside you. Maybe it’s buried under years of distraction but it’s there. With some strategic care it’s completely possible to resurrect the fullness of that inspired child self – in this adult body.

Childlike belief plus grown up capabilities equals immeasurable brilliance.

Barefoot Byron                  3 day, one-on-one residential retreat

Nature is such a potent healer – it can bring us so beautifully home to ourselves. Add into the mix the perfect coaching experience and the universe can conspire to make you feel reborn in just three days.

The Ultimate Quest          12 months elite, by invitation only.  

Regular online sessions plus one-on-one intensives in person (either here in Byron Bay or internationally).

So you want to go all the way and discover your full glory. Yes!

Step up to being superhuman.

Let’s fire up your entrepreneurial spirit, rejuvenate your body, enliven your relationships (partner and tribe), take your reach to the next level and carve out a lifestyle of invigorating freedom.

Twelve months allows us to journey into the realms of unlimited possibility. Put your wildest dreams on the table.

There are only 2-3 places open at any one time for these elite annual positions.

The Architecture of Magnificence

Complete this questionnaire to get a sense of where you’re at, what can be improved, and to begin a conversation with me.

(We’ll both get a copy of the results).

I look forward to hearing from you.

♥  Kate

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