Soul Truth      – a holistic appraisal

This comprehensive report offers a powerfully accurate measure of where one’s at in the journey of awakening to the ultimate expression of their own unique potential. It’s like a report card for how well someone is succeeding at being themselves.

The findings reveal information on more than 100 data points. It incorporates standard elements that are relevant universally plus additional personalised information that’s unique to each individual. Not only does it offer a map of innate potential and one’s current level of expression, but it also acts as a therapeutic tool. Profound transformation can be set in motion via the awareness that comes from the insights.

As the report is retested periodically, it provides an objective tool for measuring improvement over time. They can be ordered as a stand-alone document to assess progress in other personal development work, independent of this coaching offer. The suggested interval between ordering an updated report is 4 sessions.

The reports are compiled using kinesiology. The information comes from accessing the higher self of the person and is gleaned via muscle testing.

Cost:  $200

The detailed nature of the reports means they take some time to compile so please allow at least a week for delivery.


What a huge amount of information! This report is so comprehensive on so many levels.

I was really drawn in to pay attention much more closely to myself. It helped me see things and make connections that hadn’t realised before. When I shared the insights with my girlfriends, they strongly agreed. They confirmed things that the report revealed that I hadn’t been able to see clearly until then.

And it was really exciting to see the follow up reports confirming my changes!



Feed My Soul   – food as a catalyst for awakening

Not only are these food plans are individually tailored according to the specific needs of the physical body, but even more importantly, they assist the coaching experience by catalysing profound mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Our relationship to food it a key determiner of how we seek to nourish ourselves in life. A deep reset occurs as we upgrade our relationship to food and we simultaneously upgrade not only our capacity to survive but to thrive.

Some plans are very strict, others are distinctly celebratory. They are not based on any traditional dietary protocols or informed by naturopathic, Chinese dietetics or Ayurvedic doctrines. Each diet is completely unique and acts to most efficiently throw off the many faceted constraints that keep one from awakening to their greatest potential.

By using kinesiology to identify the optimal foods, this finely tuned dietary protocol stirs potent change:

  1. Cleansing and rejuvenation and healing at a physical level.
  2. The exposure and resolution of sabotage beliefs and old mental programming.
  3. Activation of DNA upgrade in keeping with one’s optimal genetic potential.
  4. The surfacing and release of compromising emotional patterns.
  5. Awakening of spiritual potential.

The food plans can be anything from a few days to a few months in duration. Upon completion, it is highly recommended to take a few days off, apply for a new protocol and follow this routine for at least 4 or 5 cycles.

Outcomes include: significant weight loss, release from emotional disturbances, resolution of addiction, awareness of new career paths, expanded thinking, tapping into superhuman potential, recovery of lost qualities from childhood, spontaneous healings and more.

Cost:  $100

The nature of these reports means they take some time to compile so please allow at least 5 days for delivery.


The changes I’ve experienced on these food plans have gone WAY beyond physical improvements. Every time I begin a new one, I’m pressed out of my comfort zone in the first few days but as a result, my life has come more and more into line with who I really am.

I’m currently on my 7th program. I’ve had breaks in between each one where I’ve gone totally off the rails but every time I return for another round that gets less and less. So much is rearranged on every level inside me as I settle into each new program. I’ve done a lot of personal growth work over the years and now I’m finding there’s something really powerful about prompting that via food. The discipline of only eating what truly nourishes me has changed so much. I used to be a good actor in my life and often felt like a fraud internally and I don’t feel that anymore.



Wealth Pillars – the recreational path to prosperity

Wealth is powerfully supported by an inner experience of richness. The things that produce the feelings of this rich inner experience can be vastly different from one person to the next. Each person requires different kinds of fuel in the pursuit of their unique quest.

This report identifies the unique expressions that usher an individual into their greatest flow state. By engaging with these soul aligned expressions, one is supported not only in manifesting greater financial abundance in the material world but also to experience an awakening to the great joy and satisfaction of emotional and spiritual abundance.

The Wealth Pillar report identifies these expressions. Some people have two, most have three or four. Each pillar helps to open different aspects and supports our evolution. These personalised activities help us remember our greatness via our natural strengths and learning pathways. We begin to feel alive in all the right ways.

Kinesiology (muscle testing to access an individual’s soul truth) is used to identify them for each person.

Making money is rarely as simple as exerting more effort. It’s so intimately tied to our state – our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. When we’re happy, healthy and in flow with life, we’re more creative in our approach to challenges, we’re generally more energetic and more easily inspired and motivated. Then we naturally become magnetic to greater prosperity. Opportunities and lucky breaks present themselves and synchronicities magically arise.

Cost:  $150

For the other reports (Feed My Soul & Your Real Self) it’s recommended that you get them updated reasonably regularly, but for this report you will only ever need the one as it applies for one’s lifetime.

The nature of these reports means they take some time to compile so please allow at least 5 days for delivery.


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