The Coaching Formula

This holistic program is guided by information gleaned from direct inquiry and then further refined by psychic insight to tailor the most effective individual protocol. The backbone of the program is built upon the 7 levels of  The Architecture of Magnificence. Progression through all these levels will optimise the unique expression of each individual to anchor great empowerment, success and satisfaction. 

Bespoke packages are designed to account for the differing needs of every individual, including the frequency of contact, the duration of the program, and whether we work online or in person.

The Architecture of Magnificence

GROUNDING Stillness, home, embodiment, health, stability, wealth, freedom
PASSION Vocation, vitality, creativity, wildness, exuberance
POWER Strength, confidence, magnetism, courage, leadership, presence
LOVE Relationships, intimacy, openness, philanthropy, sensitivity
COMMUNICATION Honesty, authenticity, emotional intelligence, delegation
VISION Goals, imagination, intuition, decisiveness, aspiration
ILLUMINATION Inspiration/guidance, purpose, spiritual connection

Gains to be Made

  • Get real traction by bringing all of your strength and power into play.
  • Identify and resolve areas of weakness that have previously seemed unchangeable.
  • Leverage your most natural skills and talents.
  • Claim real freedom to live on your terms and revel in the satisfaction of carving your own path.
  • Experience the seamless merging of personal and professional life in the ultimate alignment of work/life balance.
  • Break through old ceilings of achievement and catalyse limitless potential.

What do I do?

These are magical times we’re living in. Never before has the potential for humanity been so unlimited – at both the levels of external worldly possibility and inner self-mastery. There are untold opportunities to experience the most exquisite beauty in both our inner and outer lives.

This holistic coaching is powerfully formulated to anchor the potency of your soul so that you really palpably feel the aliveness of your true magnificence. We may reconstruct your life from the inside out. The sessions are built of conversation, inquiry, reflection, feeling, intuitive guidance, energetic recalibration and physical reorientation. New opportunities will be opened up via keen insight, enlightened wisdom, practical changes and from tapping into other worldly realms of possibility.

And tapping into the exhilarating thrill that comes from daring to reach for the impossible.


Consultations begin with a questionnaire to establish the lay of the land. The priorities that emerge here are then refined in alignment with each individual’s highest soul potential. Some of the information that’s revealed here you will already have a strong sense of, some of it may highlight areas of opportunity you’ve been hiding from or never imagined possible. This initial appraisal provides us with a map that will bring great clarity, affirmation and inspiration on your journey of transformation.

A consistent rhythm of contact is most conducive to getting outstanding gains. Our work can be done in person in retreat intensives or online in video sessions.


Whether in person or at a distance, we clear what no longer serves (outdated beliefs, sabotage patterns, emotional blockages, illness, physical injuries, shadows, blind spots, fears and uncertainties from broken dreams, old attachments, unhealthy relationships etc) to allow authentic brilliance to get real traction and guide the way forward. Rewiring of neural pathways invites the brain to engage with new possibilities. Emotional and sensory activation bring the feeling realm online. All these healing elements are orchestrated to support you to feel most alive and more like the real you than ever before.

When we work in person, physical touch can be a critical element in the transformational process. So much of our past is remembered and anchored in the physical body and great gains come from ushering the body into new states via physical contact.

If we’re working via distance then we’ll engage with energy work instead of touch. I’ll tune in to your body to psychically see and feel where you’re stuck and guide you to feel the changes in a physical way. This kind of energy work is a powerful catalyst for securing deep and lasting change. It requires no particular energetic sensitivity, just an open-minded willingness to experience something new.

Business Ethos

Our work enterprises will be profitable and achieve magnificence to the degree that we are true to our core selves. Restriction, imbalance or neglect of key elements of our true self, act as regulators that will confine the potential of our best work endeavours. Without approaching life holistically, business profitability and success can never be fully optimised.

For some, it has been possible to achieve considerable corporate success despite compromises in personal happiness and integrity. But more and more the world is changing and people are being called to engage in work that feels genuinely congruent with a deeper purpose and a holistically balanced life. For those that hear this call, their business endeavours will always be inextricably linked to their spiritual path. Their soul purpose must be in alignment with vocational aspirations in order to achieve profit and productivity, not to mention meaningful satisfaction. The modern executive with an evolved self awareness will appreciate that personal challenges that get neglected soon become expressed as work challenges.

The way we operate in life creates the template that becomes personified our business. To succeed in sustainable ways, it’s essential to take stock of our personal relationship with wealth. That’s the big picture of wealth, not just the money component.

True wealth is a rich tapestry built of friendships, meaning, freedom, creativity, nature, presence, beauty, adventure, opportunity, love, peacefulness, travel, spirituality, sex, vitality, satisfaction etc.

Time in nature can so deeply revive the soul that we are flooded with inspiration. Correcting a careless and unhealthy diet to lose weight can radically curtail wasteful company spending and catalyse a much leaner operation. Investing quality time in meaningful sexual connection can bring peak experiences of satisfaction to business projects. What feeds us personally will feed our vocation.

Your business is you.

It’s a living model of your expression and interaction with the world. It will attract opportunities and recruit employees and customers in the perfect dramatisation that mirrors who you are and the choices you’ve made  – the good and the bad. If you’re willing to look carefully, your vocation can reveal the most exquisite insights. 

Every person is calibrated differently in terms of the essential elements that determine someone’s most magnificent expression.

This is information carried in the soul and it a key part of the initial appraisal in these coaching journeys. Clarity from this soul level that’s available in this coaching, offers an invaluable map for navigation through any enterprise, current or future. These insights can bring a great sense of personal certainty and pave the way for enlightened success.

The Architecture of Magnificence

Complete this questionnaire to get a sense of where you’re at, what can be improved, and to begin a conversation with me.

(We’ll both get a copy of the results).

I look forward to hearing from you.

♥  Katie

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