The Embodied Soul


Ok so you’re great at what you do and life is pretty good but you know you’re built for awesome. What’s missing?

You’ll be amazed at the aliveness that can be invigorated by confronting what’s kept you from the potency of your original purity.

This program is built upon either 7 or 10 sessions at fortnightly intervals. There is the option for sessions of either 60 or 90 minutes. It also includes an initial diagnostic via the Soul Truth report, plus updates over the course of your program.

Like nearly all my work, these sessions are very much body focussed. Even at a distance via phone, I’ll support you to feel your way into the transformation you seek rather than just working with it cognitively. It’s this body-centric focus that brings the stellar results. What we discuss in each session will be alive in your mind but much more importantly, it will be immediately engaged via feelings in your body. This is where the magic happens.



If you’re eager to plunge deeper right away you can add a Byron Barefoot Retreat  to this journey. There’s certainly something to be said for getting away from daily life in order to find yourself reborn.

Your Investment

Distance sessions


7 x 60 min calls

2 x Soul Truth reports

Distance sessions


7 x 90 min calls

2  x Soul Truth reports

Distance sessions


10 x 60 min calls

3 x Soul Truth reports

Distance sessions


10 x 90 min calls

3  x Soul Truth reports

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