Byron Barefoot Retreat

3 day one-on-one retreat intensive  


Full immersion is definitely the way to go when you can find the time. There is magic in this area – in the hills, in the beaches and in the rich undercurrent of the land that encourages you to awaken to your real self. Byron Bay marks the most Easterly point of Australia and so, of course, the sun rises here first. It heralds new ideas, new ways of living, new ways of being. The Aboriginals honoured this area as a powerful place for ceremony and healing.

These are one-on-one experiences – just you and me. I’ll spend anywhere from 6-12 hours with you each day. The schedule will vary for every person but will include: a continuation of the healing/coaching work we’ve engaged in via distance, tactile bodywork sessions (massage etc), plus just relaxing deeply in the stillness of escape (potentially at local places of beauty: beaches, lakes, swimming holes etc). You’ll be encouraged to stay offline as much as possible.

There is also the option to arrange these retreats in other idyllic settings in Australia or around the world. Longer stays are always possible and your partner is most welcome. 

Surrender your body and mind to be dismantled and rebuilt…

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Three Day Retreat


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