About Katie

I love to work with rebellious souls  –  those who are compelled to stir things up and explore out of bounds.

I am bold and courageous, honest and big-hearted, feisty, tough and tender.

I’ll tell you the truth when no one else is prepared to.

I’m a thrill-seeking adventurer.  I am a tactile creature. I delight in encouraging people to stretch themselves and engage their wildest dreams, conquer their deepest fears and expand, as a result, into their most majestic potential.

I’m dynamic in the way I work with people.

I mightn’t necessarily craft a strategic coaching plan to satisfy your mind, but I’ll take you on a deep and full-bodied journey that will rearrange you forever from the inside out in thrilling and unpredictable ways.

I’ve made clients wrestle with me to practice digging deeper to find their dominating spirit. I’ve cheered them on to skinny dip in the ocean to help release them from the constraints of caring what other people think. I’ve gifted them books of riveting adventure to inspire their own pursuit of risking the unknown. I’ve honoured them with rituals to affirm the feeling of being revered. I’ve held boxing pads for them to hit until they’re saturated from wielding the fullness of their power. I’ve blindfolded and taken care of them to invite unknown feelings of sublime surrender.

I’m a big fan of activating wildness in people. The unbridled, instinctive aliveness of exhilarating wildness. Demonstrating ruthlessness in business is half way there, but there’s much more unapologetic rawness that can be cultivated in most civilised grown ups. Wildness is a challenging edge to push but it’s certainly one of the most awesomely liberating.



Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology) 2003
Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)  1998
Massage Certificate        1997
Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy) 1996

I started early on my exploration of healing and alternative medicine.

At 19 I began with naturopathy which snowballed into further qualifications in massage, acupuncture and kinesiology. As I matured as a healer I began to see the enormous influence that sexuality has on our state of health and the way we express ourselves in life. I discovered the rich world of tantra, evolved into love and relationship coaching and worked with men and women to transform their lives via sensuality, intimacy and sexual healing.

Shamanic studies also strongly influence my work and inform the way I view the world. I have great faith in forces beyond our 5 senses and in their capacity to shape our reality, and at the same time I am practical and grounded.

Essentially I bring enormous breadth to coaching. My initial appraisal and the associated support covers the scope of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. I work at a conscious level so that clients have a good intellectual understanding of the journey, and more importantly, I work in the realm of the unconscious and via the physical body in order to secure the greatest potency of rapid and lasting transformation.

I aim to coach as broadly, deeply and holistically as I live. I pride myself on being disarmingly real and generously open. My intuition is sharp and I can see behind the scenes for people so that we can cut to the chase and bring about immediate and significant gains.

It thrills me to work with people who have a yearning to live large, who are brave enough to open themselves to the seemingly impossible, who have the courage to take emotional risks and who are willing to be supported along the way.

The Architecture of Magnificence

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♥  Katie

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